from:  Tuesday 14th January to Friday 11th February

''MINI POOCH PAMPER DAYS''  for as little as £12 (depending on breed of pooch and condition of coat)

To Which Our Mini Pampering entails:.............2 Warm Baths, Conditioning Treatment for Coat & Skin 
      Hand Fluffed Dried
           Nails Trimmed
             Face Trimmed
 Ears Trimmed & Cleaned
                                                 Pads & Feet Trimmed  

APPOINTMENTS LIMITED!  SO PLEASE PHONE IN THE 1ST INSTANCE!.......Tel: 0151 727 4820 or Mobile: 07522 945990


URBAN HOUNDS  Grooming Services

Puppy Introduction Session
NO MATTER what the breed of dog you own, these sessions are very important and are designed to introduce your new puppy to grooming at a pace that is comfortable to them.  Depending on the breed and nature of your puppy, 'URBAN HOUNDS'  works with your to ensure your puppy is not overwhelmed by his or her first grooming experience.  We recommend to start introducing their grooming experience NO LATER  than 16 weeks old.

Preparation & Bathing
With ALL our clients before their warm relaxing baths, they are brushed out thoroughly and any matts, knots or tangles are removed.  The bathing regime is one of the most important parts of a thorough groom, getting your pet 'squeaky' clean is the only way to produce top quality results when trimming, scissoring and styling.

We use the correct shampoo for your dog's particular coat type and the appropriate one will be used once the initial consultation has been carried out.  IF your dog requires a special vet recommended shampoo for either sensitive or a skin allergy, Please bring this with you to your appointment. 

Scissoring, Trimming & Styling
All Breeds have their own specific style & this can be achieved by using clippers combined with scissoring techniques or on some breeds just scissoring along gives a beautiful finish (although this is a little more expensive as scissoring alone takes more time).  We will certainly advise on your pet's style and advise how they should look according to their breed type, taking into consideration your pet's age, lifestyle, health and current coat condition,  but ultimately it is YOUR decision, as you may have preferences regarding how you would like your dog to look and we will discuss this with you before grooming commences.

Clipping and De-Matting
If unfortunately a dog is severely matted, it will be too painful for de-matting and clipping his/her coat off with be required, This means clipping your dog very short to allow the coat to 'start again'.  

A disclaimer form will need to be completed before grooming commences.  The Animal Welfare Act states ALL animals are to be protected from Pain, Injury Suffering and Disease.  We at URBAN HOUNDS Grooming adheres to this.  Please deter mats from ever forming by REGULARLY GROOMING your dog at home in between their professional grooms.

Nail Trimming
This is usually essential for all dogs to maintain healthy feet.  We will however stop if your dog shows visible signs of stress.

Here at 'URBAN HOUNDS'  We only use the very highest quality shampoos and conditioners that will be tailored to your dogs coat, colour and skin type.  Your dog will experience 2 warm baths, a conditioner that will be massaged into their coat and skin, they are then fully fluff dried by hand,(no cage dryers) , ears will be plucked and cleaned,  your pet checked all over then styled into your desired shape.


This is a special treat for your dog ; This is the ultimate treat for your pampered pooch.  Consultation to determine your dog's history, health issues likes and dislikes

Luxury Bath
Luxury Bath, a choice of conditioning colour enhancing and whitening shampoos, that bring out coat colour - for white, black, red, brown and copper coats.

Blueberry and Vanilla Facial
Blueberry and Vanilla Facial.  A refreshing and hydrating scrub to smooth balance and cleanse the face in a gental exfoliating effect which helps remove ingrained dirt and tear stains around the eyes and mouth.  Great for all skin types and all ages of pets.

Fresh Breath Treatment
Fresh breath treatment which is a blend of natural holistic ingredients which produce a healthy oral environment, kils the germ that causes bad breath, plaque and gingivitis.  This gentle treatment also smoothes minor gum irritations.

Professional Clip/Cut to Owner's requirements, Warm Blow Dry Pet Pedicure
Pet pedicure, a relaxing pedicure which is a vanilla and milk thistle paw soak that helps paw damage from gravel, snow, cold and salt treated roads.  The vitamin enriched conditioner keeps paws soft and are less likely to crack and cause pain.

We are in the dog grooming industry due to our tremendous passion and love for animals.  We will always advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective service available


As mentioned earlier, our Salon has the latest equipment, leading products, and fresh water at all times for our 'clients'.  We operate in a Calm, Relaxing & a Smoke-Free atmosphere, together with CCTV systems installed for the protection of our clients, their dogs and staff.

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